An entrance to the world

It’s hard to get what you want, but in order to do that you must fight with fist and minds so you can let out your dream world into the real world.

This is my life me, I will lose friends, but gain new once. I will defeat enemies, but gain new once it’s a battle I will always have to face in life I just have to deal with it. But I can tell you one thing I will stand up straight, have my head up and walk forward. I will never back down.

Hi my name is Nancy I am 24 I am from California Mexican love to Dance party hard like’s party planning , interior design graphics pin ups fashion makeup I believe thing happen for a reason I like to expand my mined by posting things I like. Most things that you see are not mine nor do I clamed to own them. cheer up live your life to the fullest you only live once and what else anything you want to know just let me know don’t be scared lol and if you are still reading this smile your beautiful.

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        I’m the worst kind of monster:

    The kind that comes with a pretty face

                A cold heart

         And a reason to be that way.

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